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June 23, 2010


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For ease of use I will put my suggestions here. They are from the perspective of conversion optimisation.
1) Check Availability top side box on the main page : Here I try to reinforce the whole booking process, by replacing the rather casual "Check Now" which "Book Now", and to use a colour that focuses urgency like Red or Orange. People have already taken time to visit your page, and they probably are pretty close already to do a booking. Just the sense of urgency is missing.
2) On your main page your slideshow, has 6 or so rotating images. These highlight different aspects of your site, but alas the images don't take you anywhere when clicked. Here you have the opportunity to catch a users eye, explain via ALT / TITLE text what the image is, and to take them deep into your site either to an offer page, details of location, etc. To insure good usability I would suggest that one a user hovers over an image, you would pause the slide show until mouse focus is lost from the slideshow.


Thanks Paul, you are in!


I've no blog. Posting here.

1) Great they have free broadband access. Wish they would say whether it's wired ethernet in the room or wifi right across the hotel/bar

2) Chrome 5.0 on Windows; the scrolling div on /rooms/ has the last line of text clipped. Probably can be fixed with a few trailing brs or fix the styling.

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