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February 22, 2010


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YCYC beware para 7.2 of T&C - YCYc takes all IP in winning proposal - EvertBopp spotted this!


Thanks for blogging Your Country Your Call. For the reference of others I'm on the steering committee for the initiative.

As you point out there are a few things on the website that we might need to look at and we have gotten feedback from different and unconnected sources in that regard. It is worth saying that the website was provided as a package to YCYC free gratis and that there are some limitations in the extent to which we can rework what was provided but we will seek to prioritise and adjust in response to the points raised here and elsewhere to the extent possible.

On the point re IP raised by Brian, the situation is as follows. An entrant to YCYC gives the competition organisers a licence over the idea that the entrant proposes. That licence lasts for the lifetime of the entrant's involvement in the competition. When he / she /they are no longer in the competition, the licence expires and they have full licence and ownership over anything they propose / have proposed. Therefore apart from two winners, there are no ongoing or permanent license or IP issues arising for entrants. The rights to the proposals of the two winners do remain with the organisers for which they (the winners) contractually receive €100k

It is not necessarily the case though that there would be significant or specific IP in the winning proposal. While the organisers do not wish to discourage any entrant or proposal, YCYC is looking for big impact proposals. The expectation is that the winning proposal will be a more general concept than anything that can be specifically corralled into a defined package that would be possible to patent / trademark etc… That is not to say that a winner may not have some IP within their anticipation of how the proposal they make will pan out, but that the proposal in itself is not dependant on that IP.

Any chance you could link to our blog: http://cousinsofcountoloughlin.blogspot.com/


Both of these are really interesting. I am putting together an idea for the Your Country Your Vote. But on the second initiative, Gateway Ireland Project, it sounds like somebody has taken the initiative to actually taken up the idea put forward in The Next Leap, which I consulted you on when I wrote it at the IIEA. One of the ideas in that set of recommendations (http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=XZaChr0TDXIC&printsec=frontcover) was to examine the feasibility of a kind of content hub for rights trading, support etc. to be established here in Ireland. Follow on blog chat was at http://nextleap.wordpress.com/2009/01/20/8-questions-digital-content-hub/
Unfortunately I've been in Cambridge for the past year and a half so I couldn't follow up on it with the kind of energy it deserved. Can you let me know who is working on this? I'd love to get involved.

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