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September 28, 2009


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Hi Keith,

I'd be interested in hearing your views about SideWiki. I blogged internally about this last week and I was getting some negative feedback e.g.

"it requires the bloatware of the Google toolbar"

"Not really a fan of the annotate the web movement, which has been around for a decade now. SideWiki is a lot like PMOG without any of the fun".

"This (very negative) article has a lot to say.

While I'm not very familiar with earlier attempts to annotate the web my initial thoughts are that having the name of Google behind this is more likely to make it succeed.

I am not the best person to ask - or maybe I do fit your requirements.

I am not really arsed about this TBH. I definitely think the toolbar requirement is daft and on top of which my social community time and capabilities are currently overwhelmed with the plain vanilla stuff without "comment collaboration".

That said I am a very, very late adopter at times and will keep an eye on it but feels to me like RSS - useful but never a mainstreamer.


you do look shy and its like whn on asks a question you say you are not the best person so whom should we ask?bse we want 2 know about this too.wil u help me.

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