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July 06, 2009


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Hey Keith,

Be sure to consider us as an option too. We are a Rails oriented VPS provider. Our main differentials are the ReadyStacks and tight integration with GitHub and New Relic RPM.

To learn more, visit our website and watch our screencast:


Best regards,

-- Felipe.

I use Slicehost.com and they are very good but you do most of the setup/config etc.

I'm still evaluating Heroku.com as an alternative way of hosting Rails sites. Great if your app. is standard Rails, not so great if you have some custom requirements.

I'd recommend slicehost as well. Solid servers, easy backups, and simple migration for when you need to scale up or down. I've also had great luck with railsplayground.com.

Thanks Paul and Chris, and Felipe as well! Will check all of those out.


I'll gladly plug our clustered and fully redundant Rails hosting from http://en.railscluster.nl. Try us 30 days for free.

Hi Keith!

Have you checked out Blue Box Group? They're located in Seattle, have some of the best support I know, and they're more affordable than EngineYard or Heroku. Check them out at http://www.blueboxgrp.com

I have usedslicehost fora project and was happy with the hardware and their support service.

I have heard good things about EngineYard.

I'm a fan of Slice Host, it was pretty simple to move our sites over to them.

Don't forget Amazon EC2. It's a little more work to set up but is really good value and easy to scale (plan for success but don't spend for it)!.

I've used slicehost as well for a few projects. Recommended.

Thanks Roderick, Joe, Alan, IG and Denis.
Couple more to add to the list there. Slicehost is racking up loads of votes.


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