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December 19, 2008


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Great to hear, Keith. Congrats :)

Well done. Happy Christmas.

Excellent news.

Congratulations Keith!

Congratulations Keith - A lot of work.

Congrats Keith - need to do a post on web2ireland - and get a wee profile in crunchbase

i will go hassle my guitar neighbour over xmas... and perhaps his siblings.

talk soon

Woohooo, congrats Keith! And Happy Christmas!

I am posting to this service to the first time. Congratulations to Keith and Fintan on achieving this important milestone.

Fantastic news
Well done guys

Thanks Ken, Ant, Robin, Marcus, Keith (Shirley), Fergus (Crunchbase entry will be done over Christmas!) James, Gerry and Pat.

It means a lot to get so much feedback on this achievement.


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