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August 05, 2008


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Interested to see what happens. The O2 site is toast for me this morning. Tried to buy one. Best of luck!

Thanks Alexia. You are not the only one who missed out. As I said I am curious about activation etc and also existing phone and contract - no way online of referrring to those. It worked on the assumption that every purchaser was a new customer, unknown to O2.


Got one in store and the instore "activation" was minimal, the phone wasn't working when I left. The main activation happened when I first plugged it into iTunes at home and then the phone started working. But O2 had messed up the 3G and Edge settings (on their side, the phone was fine) and had to reprovision it to kick them into gear. All good now.

Hopefully when you get it you'll get the 2.0.1 firmware and not have to hassle with the flaky 2.0 firmware.

@ paul, thanks for that. nice one on getting one instore


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