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August 15, 2008


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Found your post by way of @conoro on Twitter.

I think your case has some merit. We have recently had our accounts audited and the same old argument comes up over whether software is an asset or an expense. Especially Web Sites.

However, the question has been solved by the International Accounting Standards. There is an FRS on this issue which states clearly what types of Web Development are allowable as Capital V Expenses.

If you need more info, I can put a 30 Second question to my accountant. Anything more than that and my bill will jump!!

Hope this helps,

Best of luck. Change the world! World of CEB's, that is...

I find it hard to believe that the local ceb will be willing to invest in a venture like this, not because they are conservative, but because it is difficult for them to evaluate the possible success of your software development. Maybe if you can give them confidence about this, you can do better.

Is there any way you can buy the software you need, or a large part of it, rather than writing the whole thing? There is no shame in buying software. Maybe you could buy something from someone in another part of the world? It would make it a lot easier to pitch to the CEB and to be honest, it could give you a greater possibility of success.

Anyway, good luck with it. I hope you get your money, somehow!



Nice bit of research, very interesting. Be sure to let us know how your argument is received by the CEB.

Best of luck,

@MJ thanks!
@Antoin the discussion with the CEB is being backed up with a comprehensive business plan. The issue is as identified: establishing a new precedent. You are right that there is no shame in purchasing software from elsewhere, it is just not relevant here.
@John, outcome will be interesting :-)


@Anthony thanks for the tip on that standard, very useful!


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