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December 19, 2007


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Read the license conditions.

Wait for the reaction from the Ward Union.

Consider that, under the legislation (which was designed to facilitate - not restrict - hunts) this is the best result achievable and reflects the serious public safety and animal welfare concerns that John has.

Which other party will you be voting for in the next elections? Which other party holds animal welfare as a higher priority in their policy agenda than the Greens? Which other party would have achieved more than this result? Would a rainbow cabinet with an FG ag minister have gone further?

Thanks for that DC. You are in the unfortunate position of having to defend your position while in the middle of compromising it and Labour and the others have not had to yet. So a statement in their manifesto coming into the next elections that states that they will ban hunting will have yet to stand the test of time.

Unlike yours which will have to revisit the pledge contained in this years manifesto. Could not find it on your site - but this report contains a reference to it: http://www.village.ie/Forum/Election_2007_Blog/The_Green_Party_and_blood_sports/

In the party's latest policy document, it promises that, when in government, it will "introduce legislation to end blood sports" and "campaign for heavy penalties for organisers of, and participants in, illegal blood sports".
The statements appear in an extensive animal welfare section of the policy document and copper-fasten the Green Party's commitment to ridding Ireland of blood-sport cruelty.

Green Party leader Trevor Sargent says that when his party gets the opportunity, it will ban hare coursing, foxhunting, carted deer hunting and mink hunting and encourage the alternatives of drag hunting and drag coursing.
End of Excerpt

I will finish with some constructive feedback Damian - you should learn to make your comments less aggressive and more on topic. You have ignored the fox hunting issue completely and tried to start a discussion on the hypothetical actions of a non-existent government. An indication of the shaky ground the Green Party is on with this issue I suspect :-)


Labour have already been compromised on this issue. Michael D Higgins issued a licence as Minister under the Ranibow coalition without any restrictions whatsoever. At least Gormley has done something...

Thanks for that Dave and fair point.

Interesting that your IP address is identical to DC who posted the first comment. I guess you must share an internet connection :-)


Oh look, more astroturfing from Green Party HQ.

Green party should just call themselves the red in tooth and claw party. Like all those who crave power, they lose their dignity and morals when they get it!!!

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