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October 18, 2007


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Keep us posted. I always stand and walk around the office when I'm thinking strategy or doing creative work. This idea sounds right. But is it any better standing all day rather than sitting all day? Do you get tired (physically) from being on your feet?

So far - yes I do Eoghan! Mind you it is so fundamentally different that it will take a while to get used to it - and then see how I am reacting to it


How about a high stool as a compromise, something a little different. Myself and John used to wander around the office with juggling balls or stand around the kettle in doing "creativity work" as Eoghan puts it. I still need to do it and I'm thankful for the larger office space because of it as sitting down all day gradually becomes a pain in the arse... no pun intended!

Or a bar stool (which has also been suggested offline :-)


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