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October 03, 2007


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I got something similar, a trackback I picked up almost immediately after publishing the post on the Web2Ireland Web Expo competition this morning. Smell of blatant rip off, something which I've had happen a lot with my Liverpool Access feed - in those cases my problem was a blog taking a "river of news" or feeds and republishing them in an adsense-heavy environment - all of the pay for none of the work.

This case just seems a bit odd, especially too since the blog is supposed to be about podcasting, no? That and the fact that I can't see any commercial exploit behind it at present (ads).

More of a rip off too as there is no visible link (from what I can see) back to your original content.


The exact same thing happened to me this morning after I also published a post about the expo ticket competition. I have my blog set to moderate all comments from new sources so caught the trackback in the email. It was from the same site that you got the trackback from. I had a look at the site and all of the posts look to be doing the same. Each post has some reference to tickets. As a result all of the adsense ads relate to airline tickets.

I wonder if this is against Googles adsence policy.


Hmm - from your respective comments (for which I give you my thanks) I am to deduce that (a) my content is not worth commercialising as there are no ads on the offending blog and (b) given the lack of a match between my content and the title it was probably a mistake in the first place!


I'm sure the Creative Commons people would have something to say about this - although they'd probably prefer to go after high profile test cases to prove the validity of the licence.



I've had issues with content theft several times in the past couple of years. In most cases they're simple sploggers ie. they're using automated systems to pull in "relevant" content to populate their blogs. In those cases there's very little you can do, as the blogs aren't around that long anyway.
In another case a relatively high profile site was republishing my posts verbatim without my permission, so I took a DMCA against them and it was upheld. The posts all magically disappeared :)
You can read more about it here:

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