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May 18, 2007


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Keith - that's a superb summary of the sessions well done - I'll link to this later and send people your way...can't imagine how exhausted you were after paying this much attention!

Thanks Annette - I enjoyed it and it kept me focused :-)

I have put a link to your blog in this post - managed to completely overlook that yesterday. Oophs.


Keith - thanks for the taking the time to record the summaries of the IBW conference. Great for those of us who were not able to attend.

Many thanks for your comprehensive blog from the conference of www.Irishbusinesswomen.com. We have had some discussion on the site recently about blogging and what it might and might not do. Your contribution and that of fellow bloggers Conn, who podcast the proceedings, and Claire whose photography caught the atmosphere in an unbelievably authentic way, together show just how powerful blogging can be. One other thing that strikes me, as a novice blogger, still at the "Is there anyone out there?" stage is how generous and supportive bloggers are. Renewed thanks!

Have to echo all that Keith... You really contributed to the day and widened the audience for IBW - well done - thanks again - have added a link to this valuable resource...
All the best

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