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February 23, 2007


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Very impressed. There appears to be something odd going on with the green banner background on the Pottlerath House site - it appears to be a different height on each page - but perhaps that was due to pilot error. Nevertheless it Sitekreator looks like an idea solution for many small businesses.

When I first set up on my own in 2000 I built a few similar sites for local community councils and small companies (B&Bs etc) but none would have been anything fancier than the sites you've listed. Thank goodness Sitekreator wasn't around back then! ;-)

They look great Keith - nice one!

Thanks James and Annette. Yea - first time I had noticed that James but also showing on my browser. Could either be the template itself - or possibly the rejig of the backend that Sitekreator are putting in place today that will last approx 18 hours.

They have rebuilt the service from scratch and are implementing it to allow for new feature development.


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