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November 17, 2006


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I'll be there.

Nice one :-)

And the challenge for me - to get you to talk about business models instead of the "other stuff"!


I'm looking forward to it already, haven't been to the sunny south east in a while now.

Yes Keith, let's ensure Walter talks about the business side of things this time around... any maybe I'll do a presentation on AJAX ;-)

Count me in!

Can you pick a tag for us all to use? BarCampIrelandSouthEast ? BarCampIrlSE ?

Oh, and if you want a Backnetwork like the first one, I can put you in touch with Glenn in Madgex.

yep - gotta do the tag thing - BarCampIrelandSouthEast - it's long but spellable :-)

backnetwork - let us ruminate on that one thanks Conor:-) If it is like BC one then most people will spend most of their time either face to face or scrambling around from session to session.


It would be great if it was held in a more central part of Waterford ((ie the city) where people can get to on foot or public transport) such as WIT itself (which has a bar from what I remember :) ).

Lets make sure we have lifts organised John. I know what you mean about accessibility - however we have the venue already donated and it is well kitted out and looks the job. Having said that I have not been in it yet - looking forward to that tomorrow.


Yep Keith,
I remember the hassle of trying to find the place a few years ago - backroads and confusion for half an hour. It is supposed to be a great place now.


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