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September 19, 2006


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Keith - I came across this recently and it's a very interesting CMS.


The developers are German but the site is easy enough to understand. Worth a look.

I've being using sitebuilder for nearly a year now. I use it to throw together demos of ideas I have. For that its perfect as its so fast and easy to use. I really like where you can simply drag and drop text, images, text and html etc. Sitekreator looks nice. I might try it. Thanks for new option.

Thanks Peter and Dillon. Not even going to start with northclick - for a beginner audience it is best not to have language as a barrier as well!

I will post after the course on how sitekreator goes - have been delving into it and very impressed so far.


Hey Keith. Nice update. Have you tried Webation Active (http://www.webation.com)?

Roger, appreciate the comment. Going to stick with sitekreator this time round but will look properly at Webation for next one (and post on it if relevant!)


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