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April 05, 2006


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I've to get word back from the shop about my tux, but I'll be there, also picked up my code... again...

Got mine this morning too!

Funny, I was one of the early ones with analytics - I think it's because i have been using adwords for years - but I switched it off last month because the server was so slow, both in slowing up my web page as it was loading, and in looking at the data - I'd count a full minute before a graph would appear. Life's too short.

Presumably they have the capacity and bandwith now to cope with the onslaught of new members, but the sort of detail they offer is mind-numbingly intricate, far more than an average blogger would need.

I know what you mean Dermod - it is also too much detail for my current requirements.

Altho it should be relevant soon for both the Pure Play launch and also if we start using Adwords to push the Fashion Fix (martina.bohanna.com) site.


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