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April 26, 2006


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I find most captcha systems to be pretty bad. I'm actually working on a alternative to these difficult systems that'll be quicker, easier and stronger than those currently available. I'm pretty sure the example you've shown us could actually be cracked using statistical pattern recognition techniques.

hiya eoin

I'm going to have to assume that your idea is not the umbrellometer :-)

Like your site and approach to design.


Ah..... captcha... fantastic. You should have seen some of the ridiculous images produced on Ticketmaster yesterday trying to buy tickets. Some of them are readable, but some of them are just God-awful...

Those typepad ones aren't much better either!

At least you could read mine... eventually...

"I'm going to have to assume that your idea is not the Umbrellometer."

Hi Keith. Lol. Well I might incorporate the two! :)

The Umbrellometer is a hair-brained idea I'm not too afraid might be stolen. It calculates the probability you'll need your umbrella (based on where you are and when you might be outdoors etc.) and sends you a text if so! :) It's mostly a joke amongst friends but I think it'll be fun to build. We'll see.

Thanks for your nice comments about my site.

Incorporate - why not - they are both keeping unwanted things out of your hair ;-)

All you need to add to that idea is the ability to pay for an umbrella from a street side vendor using your phone. Damn - where is the dot-com bubble when you need funding for an outstanding notion?!!


You could of coures use our system, Blogsome, where we've put in a easy to read captcha - we'll be porting it over to blogs.ie soon. Maybe you should book your domain keith.blogs.ie now!

Shameless plug I know, but hey....

We've looked at the comment spam problem and captcha proves to be the best solution every time.

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