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April 30, 2006


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I'd be interested in reading how you've personally conquered information anxiety.

I haven't Bernie ;-)

I am however a regular pruner of my RSS feeds so 4 or 5 a month are cut either because they do not live up to my expectations or because my current interests/focus change. So a year ago I would have followed up to 10 mobile tech blogs - now I do not read any.

I also do regular battle with my time scheduling - if I could get that under control then my information consumption would be far more effective.

How about you - how do you manage your consumption which must be awesome!?


Its interesting that note of Michele's on the adsense... For future reference, almost ALL my NFL adsense revenue is generated through the 728 * 15 adsense link unit. Look like genuine links, in a place where you would suspect the navigation, but clearly labeled 'Ads By Google'....

Sneaky, maybe, working - yes!

Yea - I am still not comfortable with this (despite popular opinion here:-).

That is because I do not like it when blogs do that to me. As a user I expect clear differenciation between site content and navigation and adverts.


If you wan't adds with all your posts on the blogger blogspot blog you can put the code inside the Blogger tags and set the maximum number of posts to 3. You would have to make sure they don't show up on the archives by using MainPage tags around them.

But if you wan't more as 3 (or more freedom over placement) you put the ad code inside the BlogItemCommentsEnabled tags then disable the comments for all but 3 posts.

Do ajust the blog settings to "new posts have NO comments" or you will end up with more as 3 adverts per page(more as allowed)

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